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Please note that the information in these pages is for general information only. Please contact us to obtain advice that is relevant to your particular circumstances. We are forensic accountants and not divorce solicitors and therefore recommend that you also seek legal advice.

  1. How do I get divorced?
  2. Interested in divorce kits, online divorces and other do it yourself divorce methods?
  3. How much does divorce cost?
  4. What assets in divorce are included or excluded from the property settlement?
  5. How do I find hidden assets?
  6. What are the Capital Gains Tax (CGT) implications of divorce?
  7. How is a mortgage treated in a divorce?
  8. What is a family trust?
  9. What is the relevant legislation that separation and divorce is covered by?
  10. When is a matter heard by the Family Court as opposed to the Federal Magistrates Court?
  11. What is a shadow expert witness?
  12. Do I need a contributions analysis to be conducted?
  13. I’m concerned that full and frank disclosure has not been provided. What can I do?

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