Finding Assets

Finding Assets that have been deliberately hidden from you can be a key part to a divorce, litigation, fraud investigation or business dissolution.

What country are you searching in?

The most important factor to finding assets can be the country in which you are searching. If you are searching for assets in a country that has good online property, electoral roll, corporate register and other databases, then these searches can be done relatively quickly and inexpensively.

If you are searching for assets in a country where online searches can’t be conducted, then you may need to engage local experts to obtain this information. In some cases, local lawyers or investigators can enquire in a particular town or village as to property being held in the area. These searches can be time consuming and not always reliable.

Type of Asset

Most of the searches that Rushmore Forensic conduct relate to finding hidden property, businesses and bank accounts both in Australia and overseas.

In many cases, searches for property and businesses can result in success as information relating to these asset types is publicly available. Finding hidden bank accounts is much more difficult and in most cases, a solicitor in the country where the asset is located will need to be engaged.

Like any investigation or litigation, one of the key factors is having good documentation in relation to the assets that you are searching for. If you have a bank statement from an overseas bank then this can be a key part to finding and recovering funds. If you do not know the name of the bank together with account numbers, then the search becomes much more difficult.

Search Time

Online searches to find assets can be undertaken in a matter of hours, however if this is not an option then you may need to resort to more time consuming searches. Hiring a private investigator can be a good option in some asset searches. Most private investigators can be engaged for as little as $100 per hour in capital cities and slightly more in regional areas. The use of this type of investigator can yield surprising results and may be the difference as to whether you are able to find and recover the funds you are looking for.

More Information

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