Forensic accountant image by Rushmore GroupForensic accounting is an area of accountancy that specialises in assisting parties to anticipated or actual disputes or litigation.

Forensic” means “for use in court proceedings” and it is to that standard and potential outcome that forensic accountants work to.

It has also been defined as the use of accounting skills to investigate fraud or theft and to analyze financial information for use in legal proceedings.


At Rushmore, our forensic accountancy engagements typically include:

Business Valuation Reports

In many disputes, a business will need to be valued as part of the legal proceedings. We specialise in valuing all types of businesses for a court or other purpose. The majority of our business valuations are for family law or compulsory acquisition purposes. We can provide a fixed fee quote for many of our business valuations. Read more.

Compulsory Acquisition Expert Reports

We have considerable expertise at assessing the cost of relocating a business as part of a compulsory acquisition. We also provide expert advice in relation to the extinguishment of a business as a result of compulsory acquisition. We are known for our proactive approach to preparing a compulsory acquisition claim and we also assist with meetings with the acquiring authority and participating in joint meetings with the opposing expert.

Divorce and Family Law – Expert Valuation Reports

As Forensic Accountants, we play a role in many divorce and family law disputes.

For example, we assist in the identification of all marital assets and liabilities, business valuations, and the preparation of a balance sheet for property settlement purposes.

Other Litigation and Disputes Expert Reports

We are also typically asked to provide expert forensic accounting assistance for a range of other disputes. This can involve complex commercial disputes and inheritance disputes.

Many of our expert forensic accounting reports can be prepared on a fixed fee basis.

Further Information

We provide services to corporations, law firms and individuals in Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and across Australia. If you would like further information about using our business valuation, compulsory acquisitionforensic accounting service, then please contact us for an obligation free discussion on 1800 454 622.