In the event of a fraud, or other financial irregularity, it is important to act quickly to maintain the integrity of potential evidence for a civil and or criminal matter, and to recover any funds. We specialise in compiling the allegations, secure key evidence, instruct forensic technology specialists, as well as briefing the lawyers, where appropriate.

In conjunction with legal counsel, we can also assist in any approach to the Police.

Case Study 1: Recovery of stolen funds from cash-in-transit security company

Rushmore was called in by a leading car park operator when a cash-in-transit security company failed to deliver the cash as it was contractually obliged to. Rushmore conducted an investigation into the matter and with the consent of the security company, we conducted Due Diligence on the company’s financial position. Over several days of investigation, Rushmore organised a partial repayment of the stolen funds and assisted in the transfer of other assets to the car park operator. Due to the cost savings obtained from transferring the assets and the repayment of funds, the car park operator eventually recovered the stolen money in full.

Case Study 2: Investigation of a Major Procurement Kickback Fraud

When a sacked employee requested that he be allowed to view his work computer, Rushmore was brought in by the client to conduct an investigation and in particular review the contents of the former employee’s laptop. After the laptop had been imaged by forensic data recovery experts, Rushmore reviewed thousands of documents and compiled a bundle of key documents. It was alleged in Court that these documents showed a pattern of inappropriate and possibly criminal activity taking place. The bundle of documents allowed the external lawyers to begin legal proceedings against the employee to recover the funds and seek punitive damages from the former employee.

Therefore, if you are concerned about fraud, corruption or misconduct in your company, then Rushmore Forensic can assist you in the following areas:
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