Compulsory acquisition of land for Queensland rail corridors

Business valuations may be required for proposed compulsory acquisition of land

The Queensland Government has announced two rail corridors to service new and existing coal mines in both the Galilee and Bowen Basins in the state’s central and western regions.

State Development, Infrastructure and Planning Minister Jeff Seeney says the plan will replace eight different railway proposals put forward under the previous Labor Government.

Mr Seeney says the State Government will use its powers to compulsorily acquire the land for new rail lines.

The compulsory acquisition of land is always a difficult task and it’s always tough for landholders and I know how distressing it can be for some landholders, but it is an essential part of building infrastructure and I am particularly concerned to ensure landholders are treated fairly.

The announcement of the corridors was touted by government as a win for industry and landowners, but some landholders says it’s their worst fears realised.

Those in the path of the proposed lines will now face compulsory acquisition if they cannot come to an agreement with coal companies.

Clermont grazier and Agforce councillor Peter Anderson says they were hoping for just one line through the region.

When the Hancock GVK line was announced, they realised then that that corridor would not suit the whole Galilee Basin and therefore there would inevitably have to be a second corridor, and I think they’ll be gutted, for the want of a better word.

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